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Historic highlights

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2016 Beginning of the opening of the 11th horizon (at a depth of 400 m) in the Moselschiefer Katzenberg mine
2013 Rathscheck Schiefer acquires the Spanish slate producer "Pizarras Castrelos, S.A." in El Barco de Valdeorras
2012 New office and event building, Mayen-Katzenberg

2000 - 20102000 - 2010
2010 - 2008 Purchase of the quarry Ponderosa and additional concessions
2008         Rathscheck Schiefer integrates the "Grupo Cafersa S.L" based in El Barco de Valdeorras (Galicia), in the Northwest of Spain into the group of companies;
2007              Development of the façade system symmetrical cladding
2006 Beginning of the opening of the 10th horizon (at a depth of 340 m) in the Moselschiefer Katzenberg mine
2004 Development of new and modern types of covering for façades;
Intensification of the market development in East-Europe
2003 Opening of the 9th horizon (at a depth of 300 m) in the Katzenberg mine
2002 Further extension of the market share while the total market is declining
2001 New products: ThermoSklent®, DrillSklent®, FixSklent®
2000 Intensification of the Internet activities: Setting up the most comprehensive Web site on the topic of slate in the Internet; benefit and service for roofers, specialised dealers in roofing materials, architects and clients are in the fore
1986 - 19991986 - 1999
1998 Increasing the activities of Rathscheck France (InterSIN Ardoises) in France; giving up 35% of Pizaña
1997 The production company I.B. Rathscheck Söhne KG, Moselschieferbergwerke, and the Rathscheck Schiefer und Dach-Systeme KG, Mayen-Katzenberg are established combining all the national and international market activities
1986 Foundation of the 100 per-cent Spanish affiliate Rathscheck Pizarras S.A.
1904 - 19781904 - 1978
1978 Rathscheck survives and also occupies itself with additional purchases abroad (ashlar to begin with, then roofing slate)
1968 Great "dying of slate mining" in Germany
1904 Rathscheck is taken over by the group of companies Werhahn, Neuss
300 AD. - 1793300 AD. - 1793
1793 The company Rathscheck is founded by Johann B. Rathscheck
1408 A lease contract between the archbishop of Trier and a citizen of Mayen proves that already in these days (and earlier on) slate extraction work was done on the Katzenberg. The original document is in the state archive of Koblenz
300 AD. Archaeological finds in the 20's prove: The Romans already extracted slate on the Katzenberg near Mayen (Germany); as from 1997 systematic excavations
Rathscheck Schiefer
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