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Our guiding idea

Slate connects – and commits

Rathscheck Schiefer - Guiding ideaSlate connects tradition and modern times.
From the Romans to today's (building) spirit of the age. Slate is and remains a roof for everybody. Slate connects employees, customers and all the other partners. From the miner to the house-owner. Slate connects men and machines, from the pick to the ridge of the roof.

Slate lets the tradition of the craft live.
For two millenniums. The natural product is individual, from the geology of the every slate slab to the individual roof design. Slate demands a strong mutual co-operation, from the miner to the trimmer, from the technical consultant to the roofer, from the planner to the client. A strong connection that commits. Slate connects our knowledge and our values. We know how to recognise and look after the resulting responsibilities and commitments.

Rathscheck Schiefer
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