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Natural Slate is found in many countries of the world, also outside Europe in North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

Since many essential elements have to meet favourably in order to form good roofing slate, the structure of the material varies considerably and with it the quality of the deposits.

By far the overwhelming number of deposits is not worth mentioning or not suitably exploited because often they consist of only sedimentary rocks with a slaty structure that is not suited for roofing slate. Therefore very few deposits definitely meet our minimum requirements regarding to resistance to weathering, colour fastness, workability, etc.

Strict quality assurance is therefore of fundamental significance for us as European market leaders and suppliers of domestic and foreign slates. Thus we employ our own inspection teams in the local production sites. On a daily basis we carry out daily quality checks in the individual exploitation sites and production halls in accordance with methods determined by ourselves. In our own laboratories the slates supplied by us are also subjected to continuous repetitive checks and natural slate specimens given to us for analysis purposes are also checked by extensive scientific tests.

At the same time it is in the common interest of all the market participants, meaning clients, architects, roofers and the slate industry, that only natural slates from the world’s best deposits are offered. Traditionally the demands on natural slate as far as quality is concerned are higher in Germany than in other countries.

Nonetheless we are always endeavouring to distribute additional slates out of first-class international deposits.

Do you think you can offer us such natural slate? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is looking forward to hearing from you.

Rathscheck Schiefer
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