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Symmetrical Cladding

with invisible fixture

Innovative rectangular types of cladding and new facade systems have resulted in a renaissance of slate in modern architecture. Today straight alignments and variable formats, adaptable to every building geometry, are popular. In contrast with all other types of slate tiling, no vertical and horizontal overlap of the slate tiles is required when using symmetrical cladding.

Rathscheck Schiefer - Symmetrical Cladding with invisible fixtureRathscheck Schiefer - Symmetrical Cladding with invisible fixture

Economic efficiency, laying without problems and unique aesthetics – these are today’s demands for highly insulated back-ventilated facades. The symmetrical cladding is an innovative facade system that complies with these demands and defines the value-adding design of slate facades in a completely new way.

Symmetrical cladding using the undercut technique is a particularly safe way of attaching the tiles that protects the materials, with a slim substructure and a low weight per square metre.

  • Stone sizes up to 120 cm x 60 cm
  • Stone thickness: approx. 10/12.5/15/17.5/20 mm, according to the stone size

Different coloured slates with a variety of surfaces offer planners the freedom to experiment with facade designs.

InterSIN® SIN 120
InterSIN® SIN 120 natural split by Rathscheck Schiefer
natural split
ColorSIN® CS 50
ColorSIN® CS 50 natural split by Rathscheck Schiefer
natural split
ColorSIN® CS 50 honed by Rathscheck Schiefer
ROCANEX® RX 35 Alta Quarzit
ColorSIN® CS 35 Alta Quarzit natural split by Rathscheck Schiefer
natural split


The slate ashlar facade is made to measure in accordance with the design of the architect. Each stone is precisely calibrated as required and prepared by the manufacturer in accordance with work sketches at the rear for the installation of undercut anchors.

Depending on the substructure, only the undercut anchors provided and undercut staples required are installed on site, corresponding to the substructures used.

The facade system can be installed on the current substructure. Thus all requirements customary today with regard to heat protection and fire prevention can be fulfilled by this façade. The slate ashlar facade has been granted a general building authority permit by the DIBt (German Institute for Structural Engineering).

The undercut technology is permitted from a slate thickness of 10 mm, depending on the tile size, and thus allows for significantly lower material requirements, a lower surface weight and greater potential savings with the substructure in comparison with an anchor pin mounting.

The undercut technique

Rathscheck Schiefer - Undercut technique - the principle Rathscheck Schiefer - Undercut technique - Details 1 Rathscheck Schiefer - Undercut technique - Details 2

For the undercut technique using a slab of slate at least 10 mm thick, an undercut blind hole, approximately 7 mm deep, is drilled into its rear side and the anchor is inserted free of expanding force and positively locking.

One of the advantages of the invisible undercut anchor is the variety of the formats and joint widths. Thus the facade can be designed completely freely.

Tiles made from slate blue InterSIN slates as well as polar green ColorSIN slates are provided for symmetrical coverage with undercut technology. Both types of slate are available with either a natural surface or a polished surface.

Laying technique for symmetrical cladding with undercut technique by Rathscheck Schiefer Laying technique for symmetrical cladding with undercut technique by Rathscheck Schiefer Laying technique for symmetrical cladding with undercut technique by Rathscheck Schiefer
Laying technique for symmetrical cladding with undercut technique by Rathscheck Schiefer Laying technique for symmetrical cladding with undercut technique by Rathscheck Schiefer  



The slate for excellent buildings.

With MONUMENTUM® we not only want to maintain a tradition but also to help shape the future. Our premium product continues the spirit of Mosel slate, which shaped the Altdeutsche Deckung for more than 200 years. Exquisite stones combine classicism with progress. MONUMENTUM® with its stone characteristics and variety of formats stands for the continuation of the classic slate covering in sophisticated architecture.

With more than 40 years of experience with selected deposits and a quality system that goes far beyond the national and European testing standards required, Rathscheck continues the Altdeutsche Deckung with Monumentum. Through strict controls, the careful selection, and precise manufacturing, Monumentum has the best test certificates in terms of water absorption and permeability, temperature change resistance and acid resistance. Every capstone that leaves the modern production facility in the northwest of Spain is a valuable unique specimen.



Vibrant beauty for the most discerning tastes.

Nature is a perfectionist. This is why our premium product, Moselschiefer®, which has matured deep under the earth for 400 million years, provides an ecological slate cladding of the highest quality.

We are fortunate to have this type of slate in Mayen. Even the Romans appreciated the durability, gloss and deep, blue-grey colour of this rugged building material and quarried it here. The slate was originally transported along the Mosel River, which is where its name originated in around 1588. Moselschiefer® is one of the world’s oldest brand names and still represents the highest quality slate.

For many generations, master builders and artisans have used Moselschiefer® to create buildings with lasting value. They perfected their art in the creation of the Old German cladding, which remains the most regal coverage format.

Today Moselschiefer® is used exclusively in gardening and landscaping. As decorative gravel in the form of slate chippings in various grain sizes, it is suitable for decorative surface design. Screening walls, masonry bricks and solid stepped bricks made of slate ensure a varied and lively overall appearance.


A material with varied facets.

InterSIN® is our brand name for blue-grey slate that has been internationally sourced. InterSIN slate is obtained from surface quarries and underground mines. It is collected with great care using the most modern technology.

Its durability makes this rugged, low-maintenance material an extremely economical commodity for roofing and façade cladding. Blue-grey slate is a high-quality, entirely natural product. Our Rathscheck quality system was developed over several decades; adherence to strict criteria and constant on-site inspections ensure the high quality standard of the various slate deposits. Slate samples are regularly subjected to numerous tests and must meet our requirements that are based on the quality of our premium MONUMENTUM® product.

InterSIN® is available in many different cladding formats. From the most economical universal cladding to many types of façade claddings and scale claddings, a suitable InterSIN® slate format can be found for any taste and any budget.

There are no limits to the individual design options. InterSIN® provides each prestige project with a unique character that lasts for generations.



Slate in natural colours.

What is the colour of courage?

Slate. A vibrant, natural stone. Produced by natural forces millions of years ago, but prized even today as a building material with perfect characteristics for roofs and façades.

Everyone knows slate – a type of blue-grey stone with a silky gloss. But did you also know that slate is available in other colours?

Depending on the configuration of the natural components, slate comes in a variety of subtly nuanced colour tones. This is why slate displays reddish or greenish hues in some locations.

ColorSIN® is the brand name of our coloured slate. The different cladding formats provide variety and colourful design options, which lend an individual character to each slate cladding.Charakter.

Just like blue-grey slate, ColorSIN® is a purely natural product with the same characteristics. It is extremely durable, robust, easy to maintain and surprisingly good value. A colourful slate cladding always has a special appeal.

Be bold. Show your colours!



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