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Natural slate.

Pure nature in perfection.

Our profession, our passion. Our world.

In a time dominated by hectic pace and high-tech, constant values and traditions have a very special significance.

The architecture as an expression of lifestyle and as a cultural benchmark is certainly one of these special values. It connects tradition with the future, aesthetics with functionality. Natural enduring materials are gaining significance. And natural slate has always been part of it. Originating millions of years ago. A material coming directly and unspoilt from nature. Generations of architects and craftsmen creating architectural styles, works of art and culture with it.

This tradition with the exceptional quality and beauty of the product natural slate has a future. That is very close to our hearts.

As one of the largest natural slate suppliers worldwide we not only market our exclusive MONUMENTUM®, but also mine and sell natural slate from the best international deposits under the trademarks InterSIN® and ColorSIN®. During the quality control of these natural slates we orientate ourselves strictly to the high standards we apply to our MONUMENTUM®.

For more than 200 years we have been collecting knowledge and experience around natural slate in order to be a partner to everybody knowing how to appreciate its special value beyond the pure delivery: builders, planners, architects, the roofers as well as the specialised retailers. Because one of our mottos means: ”Natural slate connects – and commits“. A motto we practice internally and also consequently implement towards the outside.

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Rathscheck Schiefer
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